Homes in Kelowna – a City Known for Golfing, Wine, Okanagan Lake, Art Galleries and Theatres

Why should you have a home in Kelowna, a city of approximately 120,000 people on the Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley? Kelowna’s natural beauty is stunning and includes both, mountainous regions as well as beaches.  Kelowna boasts beautiful lakes, serene pine forests, orchards and vineyards.  There is no other place like it in Canada. Here are a few of the many things you can enjoy in the city of Kelowna:

1. Golfing: Given that Kelowna has a number of natural geographic formations, including lakes, hills and flatlands, it is home to many beautiful golf courses designed for all skill levels.  There are easier golf courses for those just looking to spend a day outdoors and more challenging golf courses for those who take the sport more seriously.

2. Wine: Kelowna has 25 wineries within the city limits and with more than 120 wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley it is  British Columbia’s oldest, largest, and most popular wine-producing region. By car or bike, take a self-guided or guided wine tour to discover complex Pinot Noirs, vibrant Chardonnays and sweet Ice wines at wineries perched above glittering lakes. Combine wine touring with the Okanagan’s laid-back lifestyle, or dine at one of the many winery restaurants, and savor dishes with ingredients from the Okanagan Valley or BC’s coast.

3. The Lake: Kelowna features Okanagan Lake which makes for a great family outing in the summer with its beaches, playgrounds, houseboats, ski boats, sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards.  Your kids will love taking a dip in the lake, building sand castles or playing in one of Kelowna’s water parks. There are many places to dine on shore and a boardwalk in the heart of the city where you can simply enjoy a quiet walk along the water’s edge and the stunning scenery.

4. Arts and Entertainment: Kelowna isn’t just a vision of natural beauty, it also boasts a fascinating Cultural District. Studios, galleries, theatres, museums and outstanding restaurants abound.  You’ll even find a casino. The Kelowna Art Gallery  has a wide collection of artwork and the Rotary Centre for the Arts hosts performances by musicians, dancers and actors.

So if you are looking for a reason to move to Kelowna, look no further. Contact us at the Ponds Bellevue in Kelowna and build the home of your dreams.