Public Consultation 2022

The current Official Community Plan Future Land Use (FLU) designations are:

  • Single Two Unit Residential
  • Single/Two Unit Residential – Hillside
  • Major Park and Open Space

We have chosen to apply for RU2h zoning for all the lands proposed for residential development. This is for simplicity in defining the zoning boundaries and to afford ourselves some flexibility when doing detailed designs for each phase of subdivision. The Major Park and Open Space designations align with the boundaries shown for P3 zoning and also correlate with our Environmental Impact Assessment prepared by Ecora.

The intent is that the majority of the future lots will conform to RU1 standard in terms of area and depth. The proposed overall RU2h zone will give us flexibility in subdivision design to include some smaller lots and reduce lot widths without having to “spot zone” or apply for variances in the future. We have shown a polygon in the southwest where we feel that a bare land strata development may be the best fit from a subdivision perspective. However, we are introducing that as an option and not a firm commitment at this time.

In terms of subdivision design and phasing, we intend to apply for an overall PLR that would consist of a number of phases. The completion of Steele Road would be part of the first phase.

We are also proposing an innovative approach to the Park and Open Space areas. While they mimic the Environmentally Sensitive boundaries, these ESA areas have changed significantly over the years in terms of their characteristics. The area at the south side of the site is known as Crawford Slough has not experienced significant moisture in many years. The historic Slough had been artificially filled with water from a piped system from Bellevue Creek. This piped system is no longer in place and has not delivered water to this area for many years.

While we are committing to protection this and other ESA areas from development, we feel that they can lend themselves to park amenity features. The integrated open spaces, trails and existing and future pedestrian networks will create a tremendous looping system for residents to move around the neighbourhood and enjoy local outdoor recreation activities. We are suggesting that there are a few areas within these open spaces that could be developed as alternative play spaces, meeting areas and even exercise stations.

We will be applying our learned experience to ensure the development results in a high quality neighbourhood. We will use design guidelines to ensure home and lot construction is aesthetically pleasing and provides a consistent level of aesthetic quality in both home design and landscaping. We will also address detailed boulevard landscaping, particularly on the Steele Road extension, through each phase of subdivision.

The City’s file number for the rezoning application is Z21-0094 and you can check on the City progress here Z21-0094 | City of Kelowna.


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